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Kickstarter Introduction

Kickstarter, a globally renowned crowdfunding platform, serves as the bridge between innovative ideas and tangible reality. Amidst its diverse categories, our focus today is on the thriving world of board games.

My journey with Kickstarter began with the acquisition of Zombicide: Night of the Living Dead by CMON. True to its title, the game draws inspiration from the iconic movie "Night of the Living Dead." This initial purchase gradually expanded to include an array of captivating games such as Nemesis, Erune, Last Bottle of Rum, Deep Rock Galactic, Frosthaven, and more.

What sets Kickstarter apart is its ability to bring communities together, allowing enthusiasts to contribute ideas and witness the transformation of concepts into fully-fledged games, guided by passionate developers. Admittedly, the anticipation can be challenged by the passage of time, but the exclusivity of Kickstarter-backed items makes the wait worthwhile.

Yet, in the expansive landscape of Kickstarter projects, not every endeavour is a success story. Some ventures, unfortunately, are seeking financial gain without delivering on promises. Occasionally, ambitious projects encounter unforeseen delays, leaving backers in the dark.

Communication proves important in maintaining trust. A regular stream of updates from creators can remove any concerns and gain continued support from backers. While Kickstarter remains a fantastic avenue to discover exciting new board games and card games, exercising caution is a must! Check out any past projects by the creators, check on the comments by other Kickstarter users and finally you can always choose the 1$ pledge, to gain access to the Pledge Manager, and then upgrade your pledge.  

I like many find myself regularly checking Kickstarter for the next exciting gaming venture. It's a platform that thrives on creativity and community, offering both backers and creators an avenue to explore the boundless possibilities of table top gaming.

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