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First Board Game

The initial board game I purchased was Mansion of Madness Second Edition, closely followed by Lord of the Rings: Journey to Middle Earth (Mansion was the first game in the basket, but it's important to note that LoTR was purchased simultaneously).

For this discussion, let's delve into the world of Mansion of Madness.

With only a faint understanding of the game, I was drawn to the concise information it offered. In essence, players assume the roles of skilled investigators called to unravel mysterious events within a mansion.

Delivery day arrived with a sizable box. Eager as ever, I unboxed it, inspecting the components, card tokens, and rule book. It became evident that a considerable amount of reading was in store to grasp the game fully.

Opting for the path of least resistance, I turned to Google and searched for 'how to play Mansion of Madness.' Watching a 30-minute video seemed more appealing than extensive rulebook perusal. Nevertheless, I did delve into the rule book, especially when questions arose during the initial gameplay.

Having learned my lesson, I now make it a practice to thoroughly read rule books, writing down key notes for future reference.

So, Mansion of Madness - a horror mystery board game featuring a fully cooperative system with AI-driven elements via a mobile app. A hybrid gaming experience, indeed.

The game boasts cards, numerous tokens, map tiles, and miniatures, necessitating a dedicated storage solution, particularly with the expanding roster of investigators. The allure lies in the ever-changing game dynamics, offering substantial replayability.

Mansion Of Madness Content

Turning to the rulebook and reference guide, the combination is commendable. While the rulebook provides a comprehensive overview, the references prove invaluable when navigating specific keywords or rules.

To this day, I utilize Mansion of Madness as my go-to game for introducing newcomers to the world of board games. Its simplicity in explanation and learn-as-you-go style makes it an excellent choice—just be cautious not to succumb to insanity!

  • Components 10/10
    Mansion of Madness has plenty of components; detailed miniatures, map tiles, and overlays and plenty of characters to choose from.
  • Replayability 10/10
    With 5 expansions, there are 22 scenarios to choose from, which changes the gameplay and replayability.
  • Theme 10/10
    I'm a huge fan and this game draws its inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft stories. 
  • Rulebook 10/10
    The main rule book is easy to follow, and the reference book compliments specific keywords if you are stuck during the gameplay.
  • Overall Enjoyment 10/10
    I really enjoy the game, and I will always use this to introduce new players to tabletop gaming. 

— Feedback from Nik

I really enjoyed it! Engaging and fantastical in a truly unique way, the app accompanied great and allowed us to dive in without having to refresh massively on the rules and made it a lot less dauting for a newbie like myself! Incredibly good fun, just annoyed we didn't win!

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