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Batman Fluxx

Batman Fluxx, a dynamic card game belonging to the Fluxx series, brings the fast-paced excitement of the Batman comic book universe to the gaming table.

Based on the iconic Batman comic book series, the game showcases beloved characters from the Batman universe, including Batman, Robin, the Joker, and Harley Quinn.

Introduced to me by a friend, I quickly fell in love with this game. Its charm lies in its quick learning curve, about 5 minutes and its variable game duration, ranging from a 2-minute to a 30-minute game.

The gameplay revolves around drawing and playing cards, with a unique twist—the rules are in constant flux, evolving with each newly played card. The objective is to be the first player to meet the conditions of the ever-changing goal card, providing a dynamic and unpredictable gaming experience.

Batman Fluxx introduces a variety of action and surprise cards, enabling players to manipulate the game's rules and alter the conditions of the goal card.

Adaptability is key as players must navigate these changing conditions to outmanoeuvre opponents and emerge victorious.

Any Fluxx game promises a delightful and speedy card-playing experience, and with its plethora of themes, it's a fantastic addition to your shelf for entertaining gatherings with friends.

Grab yourself a copy of one of the following Fluxx games to experience the fun!


  • Components 10/10
    There is a single component, cards and the materials used are great
  • Replayability 10/10
    With the many themes, and ways to win, there is plenty of replayability. 
  • Theme 10/10
    This was based on DC's Batman and his enemies and gadgets.
  • Rulebook 10/10
    Single A4 double-sided page, easy to understand and remember. 
  • Overall Enjoyment 10/10
    Fluxx is a great and little fun card game, with the rules and goals always changing, it's great fun.
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